Shards of Gaia: Ravenoak's Legacy

Chapter 2

Whereupon our heroes set off

After chasing down the Frog Men and recovering the stolen purse, our party decided to reconnoiter with [Elmer Chambers] to discuss matters further.

However, before they set out across the city, they were flagged down by a pair of gendarmes of the city watch. After a brief discussion, the group agreed to accompany the agents of the law back to the [Watch House] to answer a few questions regarding the violence in the streets.

At the [Watch House], the party cooperated with the interrogation of the investigating agents and was sent off on their own recognizance. Jake’s recognizable nobility certainly eased the bureaucratic process. While there, the party met Broltenziffer Thibaldentiffer (Ziff). Ziff had come down to answer some questions about an “anonymous tip” regarding a stolen art object that was supposedly fenced through his family’s gem-cutting establishment. Ziff decided it was best to tag along for now, and perhaps he’d get some questions answered.

The party returned to the Chambers’ residence when the sound of distant rumbling interrupted the conversation. Another rumble, this time closer alerted the party to action. A third rumble, this time much closer and much more distinctly like an explosion, sounded. With explosions going off around the city, the party rushed out of the house, guessing that the gunpowder that had been delivered earlier was in danger of also exploding.

Superhands rushed into the basement and retrieved a strange egg-shaped clockwork device with a dagger sticking out of it. “I found it next to the gunpowder barrels”. Upon examination, the device appears to have been designed to create a small fire after a clockwork timer ran down.
But a mysterious knife had been jammed into the clockwork mechanism, preventing it from going off. Fearing for their safety, Superhands ordered the party to vacate the house and rendezvous at a local tavern, where they were to meet Big Suze.
At the tavern, Big Suze turned out to be a very large woman, with huge tracts of land, and enough muscle to wrestle an ox. She was ordered to take the party safely out of town for a while, until it could be determined what was going on. She brought the party to see Nabih, who had a camel caravan that was travelling toward the mountains. Using a strange magic, he made the camels supersized, big enough to transport the entire party and their gear, and this would also allow faster travel so they could take a more direct route.
While travelling, they saw what appeared to be a dust storm, except that it was coming from an unusual direction. It turned out to be a plague of beetles, that clustered into swarms and attacked the party. Nabih began a complex spell during the fight, and the party valiantly crushed many insects that day. Once the major swarms were dispersed, Nabih’s spell kicked in and cleared a safe zone. One camel had been injured and ran off, but Ziff mounted his companion Fiddlesticks and pursued, using his speak with animals cantrip to coerce the beast back to the camp.


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