Shards of Gaia: Ravenoak's Legacy

Chapter 3

In which our heroes pound sand

After defeating the beetle swarms, the party regrouped once the camels were back together. One camel was badly wounded and Asher used his healing skill to patch it up. Nabih maintained the stable weather sphere around the camp to hold back the sandstorm and beetles. Asher examined a scarab and it was fairly large, an odd color (green), definitely not natural. Big Suze discovered 3 porters being eaten by scarabs. Jake and Asher put them out of their misery and then burned them. The other porters were uncomfortable with this, but realized that it was the best thing to do.
Nabih told of the Valley of Ancient Kings, where legend has it that a sorcerer could control green scarabs. Nabih maintained the protection spell while traveling with the caravan SE. They came across a canyon which provided protection from the storm. There they discovered the tombs of the ancient kings. Jake wanted to use the camels to open the tomb, but Callum perceived the mechanism to open it. The party wasn’t sure whether to trust Callum since he had hidden as a porter, but Big Suze entered the antechamber and everyone followed.
Ziff cast detect magic on the writing but only detected faint magic beyond the sealed door. Big Suze pried the inner door open and the air rushed into the tomb. Big Suze decided to lead the way and triggered a spike trap, but took minimal damage. Then a foul stench was perceived, and troglodytes appeared from behind the pillars in the chamber. Combat ensued with Big Suze leading the way. Most became sickened by the stench of the troglodytes. After defeating the trogs, the party found a room with 2 sarcophagi and a dead body on the floor. It bore the emblem of the Ravenoak family. A search of the room revealed carvings of jade scarabs on the sarcophagi. Faint magic emanated from them. The group opened the sarcophagus on the left and 2 mummified zombies came out, one from each.


For the sake of accuracy, let’s call those 2 mummified zombies something else: spellwarped zombie troglodytes

Chapter 3
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