Asu, home of the elven kingdoms, is a northern continent separated from Ereb by the icy Bay of Koletisi. The 3 major elven bloodlines of Asu are the Vari, the Veri, and the Valge. Vari elves are a tall and proud race, and are pioneers of learning, mathematics, and magic. The Varian Republic covers most of the southern half of Asu and is home to the wizard academy Oppin Torn. Oppin Torn is located about 50 miles inland from the great elven city of Korgaedis.

The large forests that cover most of Asu are where the Veri elves make their home. Some of the same forests that are claimed by the Varian Republic are also home to members of the Veri Twilight Kingdom.

Few humans have spent much time with the Veri, but detailed accounts of those expeditions can be found among the collections of the various libraries around Gaia. Veri elves are considered feral by most other races, and while they maintain a “kingdom” of sorts, they are best described as a “tribe without borders”. According to the Vari, however, the Veri have an intricate social structure and value system. Their ethics have been described by some gnomish scholars as “not quite orthogonal” to the rest of the world.

The Valge are an elven bloodline that populate northern coastal regions of Asu. Most outsiders can name the Valge as one of the three elven bloodlines, but know little else about them. They defend their borders and fisheries very aggressively, but are not an expansive kingdom.


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