The binary star system Duenar’s (DWAY-nar) 2 suns are called Hyperion and Tartarus. Gaian legend has it that the suns are the home of the gods, and that the devils of Tartarus is kept in check by the angels of Hyperion. There is some disagreement on this matter, as some religious texts state that immortal beings take up residence on the stars, whereas arcane theorists believe the stars themselves are projections of other planes on the Prime Material plane.

Duenar has 7 planets, 5 terrestrial, and 2 gas giants. The 5 terrestrial worlds are Urania, Gaia, Titania, Oberon, and Buck. The gas giants are Jhove and Schoen.

Urania is a blue-colored world, orbiting closest to the system’s barycenter. It is not believed to be inhabited, and while there are no records of anyone ever having traveled there, it is widely believed that a planet so close to the Duenar suns must be devoid of water and any other elements that might sustain life.

Gaia, an inhabited world where our story takes place, is covered in vast oceans and 6 continental land masses. Themselves covered in vast forests, deserts, and plains. Each of the 6 “major” races is said to have originated on a separate continent, explaining why Humans tend to dominate the Eastern continent of Sparda, while Elves dominate the Northern continent Asu, and Orcs dominate the Western Continent of Sidra.

Titania and Oberon are 2 planets that appear near each other in the night sky. They are said to “dance” around each other throughout the cycle of the year. Both of these worlds are larger than Gaia, and appear to have a green hue when observed with the naked eye.

Puck is a strange one. It comes and it goes in the sky and is somewhat unpredictable. Some astronomers theorize there is a veil between the worlds that Puck sometimes passes behind, creating the illusion of Puck’s winking out of existence from time to time. Puck is a smaller planet, appears blue-violet in the night sky, and is the furthest from the suns of any of the terrestrial worlds.

Jhove is a gas giant, and is more than twice as far from Hyperion and Tartarus as Puck. When visible, it appears red in the night sky. Astronomers believe Jhove to be as much as 500-1000 times the size of Gaia and have observed 9 satellites. Its violet rings are said to look like the wings of sprites.

Schoen is another gas giant. It is difficult to observe with the naked eye, as it absorbs most of the light that reaches it. Schoen appears dark blue in color when viewed through a magically augmented telescope. Astronomers have found Schoen relatively recently. Its discovery is credited to the erudite astronomer Barnaby Ravenoak.


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